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Any luck with the laptop? P.S. Love this blog

unfortunately not. this blog is on indefinite hiatus.

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One great question - is there any chance your theme will be changed? I imagine some of the tags are well sized, but there aren't any navigation arrows to be found. I'd like to be able to peruse an entire tag but it's difficult to do so if I can't navigate between pages.

fixed. apparenty infinite scroll doesn’t work on this theme anymore.

thanks for notifying.

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:c why u no post more???

so sorry anon but my work laptop’s out of commission

once i fix it i’ll get back to making headcanon graphics

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I don't know about this whole "grell is transgender" thing. I think tumblr is just being a little too overdramatic about it.

oh man i got like 20 asks about this shit ok

the main information we have pertaining to grell’s gender identity is in the confessional pages yana toboso published awhile back where grell says something along the lines of “i wish i was born a woman” and “all i really want right now is a sex change” (sauce)

while yana never explicitly spoon-feeds you the word “transgender” it is heavily implied that grell is a transwoman. however, seeing as this isn’t covered too heavily in the series itself, many of the fans are unaware of it and/or just don’t give a fuck because teh yaois!!1!

seeing as grell is a fictitious entity i don’t think the issue should’ve been taken to the level it has been in the fandom, but the general public’s attitude towards transgender individuals as a whole is downright shit, so i don’t really blame them for it.

tl;dr- grell is transgender. keep your goddamn panties on.

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Okay, everyone knows that Grell is a boy right? Because there are some people posting and referring to Grell as a 'she'.

wow friend you are behind the times